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The sound of children playing, the gentle flow of people going about their daily lives and the soothing call of the Western Meadowlark, all separated from the more congested parts of the city, this is what awaits the residents of this charming district in Bend.

Stone Creek is situated in the Northern part of the Old Farm district, tucked up into a protective crook of the canal the has fed life into farmland for 100 years. Designed to capture the same serene nature that has existed here for decades, while being close enough to enjoy all that Bend has to offer, our residents will enjoy a safe and secure community in which to relax with their families.


Encouraged by The Carey Act of 1894, many entrepreneurs undertook to build the canal system we have running throughout Central Oregon. In 1902 Alexander Drake, of Drake Park fame, was one of those entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, before he could realize his vision, he sold to the Deschutes Irrigation and Power Company which went on to complete the canal system in 1917. Up until the middle of the century, this district produced a large percentage of the food for the workers at the Mills. After that, because of the improvements in roads and trucks, the valley was able to fulfill more and more of that responsibility.

Fun Fact

The Old Farm District is home to a trio of neighborhoods that have their roots in literature. Along opposite sides of 15th Street are the Nottingham Square and King’s Forest subdivisions, the former with Robin Hood-themed street names and the latter with streets named after the kings of the Old Testament. A little over a mile to the west is The Shire, a Lord of the Rings themed development that takes its street names and architectural style from the JRR Tolkien books.

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